Christmas Tree

Written 27/11/16

On Saturday four Councillors got up very early to install the Parish Christmas Tree again this year.

Greatfield Nurseries delivered the tree to the Parish Hall at 8.00am and Cllrs Alan Pfleger, Dean Cobb, Roland Dodge, Andre Kayani and Mike Sharp got straight to work with putting the lights on. At 9.30am there was nothing more to do; it was difficult to see the full effect in the daylight so some final adjustments will be needed when it gets dark.

The Christmas Tree lights will officially be turned on by the Chairman at the beginning of the Council meeting on Thursday 1st December. Please come and join us, if the weather is kind we may be able to sing a Carol or two around the tree as well!

Everyone is invited to attend at 7.30pm on Thursday 1st December so walk to the hall and bring along some friends just for half an hour.

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