Lydiard Millicent and Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Written 30/09/16


Lydiard Millicent and Parish Neighbourhood Plan
The purpose of a Lydiard Millicent and Parish Neighbourhood Plan (LMNP) is to give an opportunity for the local community to shape the way the area in which they live and work is developed.   The LMNP will be become part of the local plan (the local plan is developed by Wiltshire Council and contains Wiltshire councils planning policies) and the policies within LMNP will be used in the planning process when considering planning applications within the parish. It is therefore important for Lydiard Millicent and the surrounding parish to develop the LMNP to influence the way development occurs within the parish.
Lydiard Millicent Parish Council has been working as part North East Wiltshire – Villages (NEW-V) group to develop a Neighbourhood plan for Lydiard Millicent since 2012. Unfortunately due to Lydiard Tregoz leaving the NEW-V Lydiard Millicent has also been forced to leave the NEW-V as we no longer have a boundary which joins the other parishes (which remain) within the NEW-V. The parish council has taken the decision to proceed with their own Neighbourhood plan for Lydiard Millicent. As part of this process the parish council needs to establish a steering group to develop the plan, take the plan through consultation and prepare for final submission to Wiltshire council.
While the Parish council is the qualifying body for leading the Neighbourhood plan the Parish Council wants to setup a Steering group consisting of a mix of parishioners and parish councillors to produce the neighbourhood plan. If you are interested in joining the steering group please contact either Deborah Bourne (07801 440076) or Roland Dodge (07815 100371) who will happily discuss it further and explain more fully what is involved.

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