Wiltshire Bus Services

Written 04/07/16

Option 24/7 launches its own sustainable transport survey for `Catch the Bus' week Catch the Bus Week is an annual celebration of the bus organised by Greener Journeys, to recognise the importance of buses to the UK's transport mix. It aims to increase awareness of the benefits of bus travel and encourage people who don't usually think of catching the bus to leave their cars at home and give it a try. To recognise the importance of the work carried out by Greener Journeys, Option 24/7 has launched a survey to understand what it is that the people of Wiltshire really want from their bus services. Earlier in the year, Wiltshire Council carried out their own consultation which received a record 11,500 responses. Commenting on the Wiltshire Council survey, one of the founding members of Option 24/7, Graham Ellis, said: "the high level of responses shows that Wiltshire residents are passionate about retaining and indeed growing a sustainable bus network. We were encouraged by the level of feedback to the Council but would now like to see the data translated into a network providing a more effective travel solution rather than cuts to services. To this end, we have submitted a proposal to Wiltshire Council which would actually mean that very little would have to be cut to meet their budget requirements. Since the council carried out its consultation, the Bus Services Bill has been debated in Parliament. This Bill offers local authorities other solutions to the recent culling of services we have seen in the South West and other rural areas, and we would like to see Wiltshire Council take up the opportunity to lead others in putting forward the best practices available under the terms of the Bill. Whilst the Bill is not due to be enacted until the spring of 2017, we would urge Wiltshire Council to not make any cuts this year but to look at the positive options available." The launch of the Option 24/7 survey is to assist the campaigning group in collating data to counter the cuts proposed by the local authority and to analyse the data from the passenger's point of view. The survey can be found here: http://option247.uk/busweeksurvey.html

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