Village Spring Clean - Sunday 13th March 2016

Written 20/02/16


This year’s Spring Clean will be held on Sunday 13th March; there will be two sessions
9.30 am to 12:30 pm    1.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Meet in the Sun Inn car park for both sessions
Volunteers are required to clean the following routes
A.      Greatfield (Garden Centre, Greenhill Crossroads, including the bus stops to the parish boundary at the end of the first paddock)
B.      Greenhill (Top to bottom)
C.      Lydiard Green (Greenhill Crossroads to The Beeches)
D.      From the Beeches to The Butts, Church Place and Manor Hill (to the parish boundary at the top of the “dip”)
E.       Stone Lane (from the junction with Purton Road to the end of Stone Lane at the junction with the Washpool Road)
F.       Common Platt (Common Platt from the 40 mph signs on road to Purton to Swinley Drive roundabout, and from the Casa Paolo corner to the end of Common Platt on the Washpool road)
G.     Washpool and The Elms (from the end of Common Platt to the junction with Tewkesbury way)
H.      The Street (From the church roundabout to Badger’s Brook)
I.        Holborn to Middleleaze Roundabout. (From Badger’s Brook through Holborn to the parish boundary at the start of Hay Lane footpath off the Middleleaze Roundabout on Tewkesbury way)
Reflective jackets, protective gloves, black rubbish bags and a number of litter-pickers are available. Subject to Howard’s agreement, filled bags and other rubbish will be deposited in the Sun Inn car park for collection by the Wiltshire Council on Monday.
Parishioners who would like to help are requested to contact Cllr. Andrew Harris at Rose Hall, Washpool on telephone 772302 indicating where they wish to clean and whether am, pm or both

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