Lydiard Millicent Neighbourhood Watch

Written 26/11/14


As Christmas gets nearer you might be thinking about buying presents and stocking up on supplies. However criminals are no different in this respect and at this time of the year rich picking can be found.
Make sure gifts and valuables, wrapped and unwrapped, are out of view and not visible from any windows. This applies in the car as well as in the house. Lock all doors and windows, leave a light on, and draw the curtains when you go out at night.
Burglars wander around looking for chances. The best opportunity for the police to catch them in the act is for you to spot them before they break in. Wherever you live, keep your eyes open and if you see anything suspicious call 101 or in emergency 999.
I am arranging for the Bobby Van to attend the village in early January to give advice etc on crime prevention. More detail as to time and place later on the village Facebook page or in next months magazine.
I can be contacted on 01793 679907, 07747624289 or email 

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