The Lydiard Millicent Chapter of the North East Wiltshire Villages (NEW-V) Neighbourhood Plan - Your chance to comment.

Written 09/09/14


Each of the seven parishes that make up NEW-V is preparing a chapter on their parish which will include topics such as: village facilities, schools, transport and parking, footpaths and of course housing development. Our chapter has now been drafted and is available to read, and comment on, on the village web-site Lydiard Millicent Chapter . Comments should be made, preferably by email, Councillor 
The drawn out bureaucratic process of producing the Neighbourhood Plan still has to complete several more stages. Overarching chapters will be added to the parish chapters and the whole document submitted to Wiltshire Council for review, consultation via the WC website, independent examination, a referendum and published (if approved by a simple majority at the referendum). Publication should be in the same timescale as the Wiltshire Council Core Strategy of which the NEW-V NP will be a supporting document, and hopefully will last for the same twenty years. 
Cllr. John Bennett                                                        8th September 2014

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