Whatever Happened to the Neighbourhood Plan?

Written 25/03/14


Whatever Happened to the Neighbourhood Plan?


The Neighbourhood Plan, known as NEW-V (the North East Wiltshire Villages) Plan is, hopefully, drawing to a conclusion with the aim of the draft plan being submitted to Wiltshire Council in August. If it passes independent examination it will be circulated for consultation and finally a referendum for adoption. If the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted we will have the strongest defence against unwanted development proposals from the major developers.
It now remains to examine the particular proposals for our parish and the Parish Council wants to widen participation in this process by resurrecting the Parish Plan Steering Group. This would provide a much wider group from our community than just the Parish Council.
The Steering Group would first meet in the week after Easter and hold around 5 meetings in short succession. If you can spare time, probably 2 hours per meeting, to help decide where and what development there should be, then please contact either:


John Bennett – 01793 770031, 6 Forge Fields, Lydiard Millicent.

Tom Pepperall – 01794 770734. 66 Chestnut Springs, Lydiard Millicent



Link to the new-v website




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