Written 12/03/13

Parish Council Elections will be held on May 2nd.

There will be a big change in our 2013 - 2017 Lydiard Millicent Parish Council this time, with a new Chairman, who will need help and support, not only from existing Councillors who reapply for office, but also from some new faces. We shall need at least 3 more volunteers to make up the required numbers, and NOW is the time for those volunteers to make themselves known to our Clerk, Mrs Leckie (tel. 347508)or any of our existing Councillors.

Tim Blackmore's excellent article in December's Lydiard Magazine portrayed a very fair and comprehensive summary of our work, which cannot be fully accomplished without a good and full complement of Councillors.

If you are willing to help to achieve the aims and ideals, as detailed in our 2005 Parish Plan, our 2011 Update, and, indeed, in our emerging Neighbourhood Plan, as well as contributing to the monthly Council meeting decisions, please pick up a Nomination Pack, find two parishioners to propose and second you, and send in your application to Wiltshire Council at Monkton Park, Chippenham. These `Packs' will be accepted from 10am to 4pm from March 18 until noon on April 5. They can also be posted. Emails and Faxes will not be accepted. Downloads forms from this link, where you will also find much more information, or request them from the Clerk.

Tom Pepperall, Chairman, LMPC.

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