Chew On This....75% Discount off Food Waste Digesters.

Written 17/10/12

Wiltshire Council is working hard to discourage residents from throwing their household food waste in the bin. In a bid to divert this waste from landfill, which in turn is detrimental to the environment, the Council is offering `food waste digesters' at heavily discounted prices. Similar in appearance to conventional composters, these patented units sit in the garden, reducing all food waste including meat and bones to either water or compost (subject to model of food waste digester). Endorsed by MP Duncan Hames,these unobtrusive units are currently being offered by the Council at a quarter of the normal price and start at £20, including free of charge delivery to individual homes.

If yo wish to apply for your Food Waste Digestion System then click this link (Adobe/PDF, 833KB) to view and download the application form.

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