Grit Bins - Comment from LMPC.

Written 14/02/11

We realise that some parishioners were unhappy that grit bins were not refilled when they became empty in the recent snowy conditions. Wiltshire Council has advised that once the grit bins have been filled ready for inclement weather that the grit will not be replaced after usage for some time. Apparently their grit bin refilling programme takes some two months to complete, and during icy weather their staff are busy keeping the main road gritted and passable. Only when conditions improve will they consider starting their refilling programme.

This means that we need to be more frugal with usage, and we shall need to spread it as thinly as we can. I believe times have changed due to cost, and they have now told us that the grit must be used only for the roads, and not on private drives - they regard this as theft.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking those public-spirited parishioners who braved the cold and slippery surfaces to spread the grit when needed. Let's just hope we do not have to suffer such arctic conditions every year. T.H.Pepperall, Chairman, LMPC.

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