Written 05/12/10

We thought parishioners, especially those who have recently been subjected to door-knocking, eggings, and abuse during the evenings, would like an up-date on the situation. I am told that this group of youths aged 13, and driven around over the last month or so by a 53 yr old man who lives not far (enough) from our Parish, have now been identified and dealt with by the police.

The group were seen and photographed by a brave and public-spirited parishioner, in a powder-blue metallic Mercedes E320 Cdi Elegance A (estate), registration "D4 DYS", which led to their identification. They were apparently a 5-a-side football team, who were also seen, more than once, practising (unauthorised) on our Recreation Field on a Friday evening before dark.

Apparently they had been going through the village for several weeks, egg throwing and terrorising parishioners in Hook, Greatfield, Lydiard Green, and Lydiard Millicent, presumably starting off in Chestnut Springs. The police had managed to access CCTV of them buying eggs in Tesco. We understand that the lads are to write to all those involved to apologise. We are told that the car owners house was apparently a gated property with CCTV, and we hope the £80 fine, and his exposure, will prevent him from repeating his stupidity. Let's also hope his football coaching days will also be over.

Lydiard Millicent Parish Council.

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