Lorry Watch - Your Parishes Need You !!

Written 17/07/10

Wiltshire Council Trading Standards have agreed to trial a Lorry Watch Scheme in Lydiard Millicent, Lydiard Tregoz and Purton parishes. Lorry Watch schemes have operated with considerable success in a number of counties and our scheme will be the first in Wiltshire.

The scheme is quite simple, parishioners who spot large lorries inside our 7 ½ ton limited areas report the details to Parish Coordinators - Alan Pfleger for Lydiard Millicent (01793 770219), Avril Roe (01793 853798) for Tregoz and Shirley Bevington (01793 771066) for Purton.

The details needed are:

Coordinators then pass the details to Wiltshire Council Trading Standards Officers who check the vehicle details with DVLA and then contact the owners to ask if the vehicle was legitimately on business inside the restricted area. If the vehicle did not have a reason to be inside the restricted area then Trading Standards will decide appropriate action which could involve Court proceedings.

The roads in our three parishes that are covered by Weight Restriction Orders are:

  1. The C28 road through Lydiard Millicent from the junction with the Washpool road to Greenhill crossroads.
  2. Stone Lane.
  3. The C70 from The Forester's through Common Platt and Washpool to Tewkesbury Way.
  4. Bagbury Lane.
  5. Manor Hill.
  6. The Fox.
  7. The C414 the main road through Purton from the turning to the Household Waste Recycling Centre to Greenhill crossroads.
  8. Witts Lane.
  9. The C67 from Pavenhill down to the crossroads with the Ashton Keynes road.
  10. The C128 through Flaxlands
  11. Hook Street from the War Memorial to the Old Dames School after the NFU Office near Lower Hook Farm.

Parishioners who would like to volunteer as "Lorry Watchers" should contact the appropriate Parish Coordinator. However, you do not need to be a volunteer to report suspect vehicles. More information, including maps, can be obtained from the Parish Coordinators.

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