Written 14/07/10

You will all have heard of the various threats of additional housing that developers are proposing for the area West of Swindon - 200 in Hook Street east of Lydiard Park, and a further possible 4000 opposite, reaching to the M4 and Lydiard Tregoz. The latest is for 200 at Mordon Bridge (east of Purton), and 800 behind what was The Foresters at Ridgeway Farm (there has been much publicity about the latter).

The reason for this rash of applications is that the new Government has repealed the Regional Spacial Strategy (RSS), which gave guidelines for increased house building figures, based upon the economy in 2005. Figures and needs have now changed. The guidelines have reverted to the 2006 position, and the Rural Buffer Zone is now back until 2011. There is now no apparent need for this extra housing `west of Swindon', but the developers want to gain their planning approvals before the new guidelines are passed in Parliament. Councils have been told to `ignore the RSS, and take note of public opinion'.

We need YOU to write in NOW to tell them your opinions and wishes. There is no need for further housing `West of Swindon' because - we are already suffering from 25000 houses in Northern & Western developments, - the road infrastructure cannot take more traffic, - we are experiencing increasing problems with flooding and sewage, - we need the Rural Buffer to help protect our villages from coalescence, and to - preserve the rural nature of this area, and the character of our settlements.

WRITE TO - G. Clampitt-Dix, Head of Spacial Planning, Wiltshire Council, Bythesea road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN, or email `georgina.clampitt-dix@wiltshire.gov.uk', and David Potter, Director of Planning & Transport, Swindon Borough Council, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH, or email .

TH Pepperall, Chairman, Lydiard Millicent Parish Council, 14.7.2010.

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