Peter Windo, 1935 - 2010.

Written 14/07/10

We are very sad to report Peter's passing away, after his illness and his final days in hospital. Our thoughts are with his widow Anthea and his family.

Peter lived in the village for his last 27 years, and will be greatly missed by many people. His expertise included computer work, and he was always ready to help friends out when they had technical problems. His knowledge was impressive, and he was always keen to learn new and better ways of achieving the best result.

He was the man behind our current web site, and also our computer accounting system, and spent many hours setting them up, and making them work properly. He was a perfectionist.

We would like to think that the Parish web site stands as his lasting memorial.

Tom Pepperall, Chairman, Lydiard Millicent Parish Council.

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