Written 12/07/10

It is alarming to hear that the village has had a couple of break-ins during the last few days. One was at a house in The Street, and another at Common Platt. This is in addition to recent thefts of cotswold stone tiles from roofs, and acts of vandalism.

In this summer heat, we urge all parishioners to be aware - not only of their own security, but also of anything suspicious that could lead to these `opportunists' being caught.

Please do not leave your property vulnerable by leaving unguarded windows and doors open, or access to your back gardens where intruders can work unseen. Be careful of any strangers who come to your door, and don't give them any information about your neighbours - or yourself. Always ask for identification, and try to see what transport they may have.

Phone the police if you are suspicious - better to do so at the time, than after the `event'.


Stop Press: Perpetrator caught by Police, but don't relax your guard.

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