Just Like Painting the Forth Road Bridge!

Written 05/05/10

Once again, many thanks to the parishioners that turned out to "Spring Clean" the village on the 26th of April. Andy Pett from Riff's Bar together with two friends covered Greatfield and Kevin Twigg did the whole of Greenhill. In Lydiard Green Steve Mowbray with Paul and Val Turner, Alison Mclean and Mary Ricks cleaned from the crossroads to Bagbury Lane and John and Christine Philcox covered from Bagbury Lane to Manor Farm. Tim and Margaret Blackmore cleared The Butts, Church Place and Manor Hill. Eric Hayes put in another epic clearance from The Sun Inn car park along The Street, past Holborn to the parish boundary at Hay Lane and back! Val and I picked from Tewkesbury Way to Common Platt via Washpool. We had an eclectic haul including a defunct hanging basket and a bamboo blind, I also noticed a shopping trolley in the stream at Washpool Bridge and I have asked Wiltshire Council for help to remove it. The Halsteads and Ken Manning continued their regular sweep of Common Platt and the Burley family once more tackled Stone Lane. Finally, many thanks to Howard and the team at The Sun for letting us dump our filled bags there for collection by Wiltshire Council. So well done everyone but as I said at the beginning it is just like painting the Forth Road Bridge - turn your back and it needs doing again!! With that in mind many thanks to the regulars that try to keep their neighbourhoods clean and also, if the litter is too bad, give me a call (770031) and I will ask Wiltshire Council to carry out a clean (which they have a statutory duty to carry out).

John Bennett

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