210 New Dwellings Proposed

Written 02/04/10

Swindon B.C. is considering an application by a developer to build on the 20 acre field near the bottom of Hook St, between the existing development on the corner of Hook St. / Whitehill Way, and Lydiard Park, opposite Windmill Business Park. The application is for `outline development', so the number of dwellings could alter.

Some 60 - 70 people attended a meeting at Freshbrook church to voice their concerns, and there were NO favourable comments for the development.

This application is probably speculative, and is most likely to be refused, but if too few objections are made to SBC, a future application could succeed. The land is outside the `Residential Development Framework Boundary `, which means it should be refused automatically. It has not been included in any of the Core Strategy documents of SBC or WC, or its predecessor WCC. Sufficient letters now could persuade SBC against `moving the boundary' in 2011.

This development would seriously detract from the setting of `listed' Lydiard Park.

Hook St. cannot support the additional traffic which would be generated, and the adjacent road would need widening, with footpaths, & probably street lighting.

Whitehill Way is already at gridlock at peak times, and access to or from the north would be impossible. The likely extra 400 + cars (spaces for 474 cars are shown on the plan) would also similarly aggravate the bottlenecks at J16, and the rat runs at peak times through the villages, especially Lydiard Tregoz and our own.

Other infrastructure, such as the Secondary school and medical services, would not cope with the extra 500 or so additional inhabitants.

There are also concerns about the un-necessary loss of the greenfield area, wildlife, and flooding, etc. - some gardens in Grange Park are already regularly flooded.

Protestors are asked to write, `in number!', to Mr. David Potter, Director of Planning, Swindon B.C., 4th Floor, `Wat Tyler House', Beckhampton St., Swindon, SN1 2JH, quoting as many points as they think important, especially the one above `in bold', quoting Application No. S/10/0343. Anyone can write, but every letter must be different - identical letters will be ignored! LMPC will be considering making representations, following the Parish Council meeting on 1st April, but letters must reach SBC by 8th April.

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