3000 new Dwellings for Roughmoor Farm and Pry Farm, Purton.

Written 25/03/10

To be located behind The Foresters in Lydiard Millicent, just how will it impact you and the quality of life in Lydiard Millicent? More traffic, more speeding, more verges over-run, more potholes, more problems with flooding and sewage, and less green fields surrounding our Parish is the obvious conclusion.
WHY is it being allowed?
The S.W. Regional Assembly has calculated and allocated housing requirements for our regions/areas and Swindon, following the government’s housing demands, based on out-of-date 2006 projections. These projections are well in excess of the rate of building in Swindon in the last 2 years years, and do not take into account the effects of the recession and mortgage shortages, which are likely to last a long time.  Also, immigration is falling, meaning even less demand for housing.
WHAT is the problem?
Our County & Parish Councillor, Mollie Groom, and many other Councillors have argued against these housing figures, to no avail. Both Wiltshire and Swindon Councillors agree that these 3000 proposed dwellings to the west of Swindon are not wanted or necessary, and will cause harm to the area. They agree that sustainable development is required, which is supported by proper infrastructure (roads, schools, health). This is not the case with the proposed 3000 dwellings, due to lack of funding.
The Swindon Northern development included within the planning application that the developers would fund a new major link road from the Northern Development to Mannington. SBC is still waiting!
WHAT can be done?
The housing requirements need to be reduced to cater for demand, not Government policy. Part of the Conservative election pledge is to abolish the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), which would allow the existing housing requirements to be reduced.
WHAT can YOU do?
1.       Lobby your M.P. to abolish the RSS, in favour of a detailed Core Strategy.
2.       Petition Swindon Council to reduce its Draft Core Strategy housing growth figures, and delay the lodging of the document until after the General Election so that the existing RSS allocations do not become a legality.
3.       Urge Swindon B.C. and Wiltshire Council to work together to remove the threat of unsustainable development to the West of Swindon.
4.       Urge Swindon to concentrate on its planned development to the East, as the West has already suffered more than its share. (15,000 to the West, 10,000 to the North and 4,500 to the South).
WHO do you contact / email / write to?
If you are in Wiltshire, write to MPs J Gray & R Buckland, if Swindon, A Snelgrove.
James Gray, M.P.(N. Wilts), House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA
Tel. 0207 219 6237
Fax 0207 219 1163
Anne Snelgrove, M.P.(S.Swindon), 7 Little London Court, Albert St, Swindon,
SN1 3HY.
Tel 01793 615444
Robert Buckland (prospective Conservative MP for S.Swindon),
Swindon Conservatives, Unit 17 Murdoch Road, Dorcan, Swindon, SN3 5HY.
Cllr Roderick Bluh, Swindon B.C. Leader,
Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH.
Cllr Jane Scott, Wiltshire Council, Leader,
Sparrow Farm, Lanhill, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6LX.
Cllr Nick Martin, West Swindon,
Cllr Mollie Groom, Wootton Bassett East,

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