Millennium Map goes to China!

Written 03/01/10

In November, the Lydiard Millicent School had the pleasure of a return visit from Mr. Li Rongsan, head teacher of the Xiqaio number 1 Primary School, in the Nanhai region of China. He was warmly welcomed, and the school choir sang him a song in Mandarin. Some of the pupils have become `Email pals', and are researching the weather programmes in both countries. He was presented with one of our Millennium Maps of the Parish, which may well now be hanging in the school in China. Several other maps have travelled far, often as presents, but none as far as this. Maps are still selling, albeit slowly, but still at the original price of £25.00 framed, or £15.00 unframed. Please apply to Tom Pepperall, 770734.

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