More Kissing In Public!

Written 17/08/09

The Parish Council is delighted to have completed three kissing gates on the footpath from Forge Fields to Lydiard Park, which will facilitate the use of the footpath by less able walkers. We are also pleased to have amicably overcome some of the potential noise issues with adjacent residents. It would now greatly enhance access, for residents in Park View Drive to keep that path at the bottom of their gardens clear, as most of them do, and also keep the ditch as free as possible - it would be much appreciated by our walkers. Finally, as we have some bits left over from the work, it may be possible to tackle two further stiles in the same way. If any walkers or residents would like to make a suggestion of where further Kissing Gates might suit, please contact the Parish Council, and our Footpath Representatives will review any proposals. Tom Pepperall, Chairman.

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