3000 homes...coming to a field near you soon?

Written 09/03/09

Unless you have emigrated to parts foreign, it can't have escaped your attention that vast housing developments have been proposed in fields that surround the Lydiards and Purton.

The Parish Council of Lydiard Millicent, alongside many other groups, are opposed to any such development and would ask concerned parishioners to help defend the rural scene that we all enjoy.

How can you do this?

  1. Please read the full position of the council as stated below.
  2. Respond to the consultation questionaire which can be completed either on-line or by printing the document and submitting by post.

Complete On-Line

Download for Printing

WEST OF SWINDON STUDY UPDATE – By Swindon B.C. and Wiltshire C.

These consultations on 3000 proposed dwellings to the west of Swindon are a product of the (DRAFT) Regional Spatial Strategy, and central government’s attempts to enforce additional housing in many areas of England. The SW Regional Assembly voted against all additional housing proposed across the whole Region on 10th October last year.
At a meeting held in Purton on Wednesday 3rd March, the new Area Board opposed ANY further development in the specified areas –
The Parish Council preferred option is to oppose ANY development west of Swindon.
Some prefer to opt for the sites along the urban edge of west Swindon ­–
Moredon Bridge, Ridgeway Farm, and Pry Farm, rather than the land South of Hook Street, which is compromised by J16 (where some 4500 houses will exit from the Wichelstowe development).
The main reasons for LMPC’s objections are as follows –
Unsustainability – due to the increasing level of flooding, mainly due to the recent development in the Northern Expansion (10,000), preceded by the established Western Expansion (15000), to be aggravated by the approved but not yet built Southern Expansion (Wichelstowe - 4500).
This unsustainability also encompasses the problems already experienced of sewage leakages, and the severe congestion on our country roads and lanes, causing road rage, erosion of verges, and dangerous speeding of traffic, especially commuter.
Perhaps of even greater importance, if we are to retain our rural identities, is the low importance given to coalescence of adjoining communities (a Governmental committed principle). Bristol has a Green Lung but there is no mention of this, nor of any green infrastructure, for Swindon.
The RSS has also stated that new jobs should come before new housing and not just the promise of jobs. There are no jobs in North Wilts where the housing is proposed, and in Swindon, as elsewhere, many jobs are being lost.However there are many empty houses in Swindon and land available within their own Borough. There is much land for which planning permission has been granted but where building is not taking place. We believe that there is also the likelihood of a very large brown field site becoming available.
Please respond on the questionnaire – use your own wording and experiences. In addition to either completing on-line or downloading the questionaire for postal submission, you may also call for a questionnaire at Jubilee Club House (off Chestnut Springs) on Tuesday or Thursday 10am – 12 noon, or call at your local library.
Finally, if you wish to read the entire West Of Swindon Study document it can be viewed here.

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