Send us your photos of the village

Written 10/03/07

Your village website needs you

Here at the Lydiard Millicent website, we're looking for a selection of new photographs to publish on these pages. We have a few in a slide show on the home page, but we would like more.

Please your digital photographs of what you think to be the best and most unique elements of our village.

For reasons of copyright and data protection: Please ensure that any pictures that you send to us are your own work. Please do not include people in your photos, since they may not wish to be seen on the Internet. Please send pictures in JPEG format. We request that you send pictures no larger than 1MB (one Megabyte or 1,024KB) in size, to save our inbox from overflowing. By sending us your photographs, you are giving us permission to use them on this website.

Happy snapping, and spread the word to anybody you think may be interested.

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